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Taiwan Market Understanding

Taiwan SEO differs from other countries in several ways, especially when it comes to understanding the Taiwanese market. Firstly, Taiwan has a significant aging population, and Confucianism strongly influences the culture, which has a significant impact on consumer behavior. Secondly, local language and search habits also play a crucial role in Taiwan SEO. Mandarin Chinese is the official language, but Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka are also widely spoken. Therefore, localizing content to these languages is essential. Furthermore, search engines like Google and Yahoo may not be the primary search engines in Taiwan, as local search engines such as UDN, Shopee, LINE, PTT, Pixnet, Dcard, PChome, Momo, and Mobile01 are also popular.

Performance Measurement

Measuring success in Taiwan SEO is also unique compared to other countries. Firstly, Google Analytics may not provide accurate data due to the widespread use of ad blockers, which can prevent tracking. Therefore, it’s important to consider alternative tracking methods and tools that can provide more accurate data. Secondly, in addition to traditional SEO metrics such as website traffic and search engine rankings, other KPIs such as engagement on social media platforms, lead generation, and sales conversion rates can help measure the success of SEO efforts in Taiwan.

On Page SEO

Taiwan SEO also differs from other countries in terms of on-page optimization. Firstly, using traditional Chinese characters, which are common in Taiwan, rather than simplified Chinese characters used in mainland China, is important for localizing content. Secondly, Taiwanese audiences are tech-savvy, and a website’s technical performance can significantly impact its search engine ranking and user experience.

Offsite SEO

Off-page SEO for Taiwan is unique when comparing to other countries. Firstly, building relationships and trust is essential, so outreach and collaboration with local businesses and organizations can help improve link building efforts. Additionally, guest blogging on local websites and participating in relevant forums can also help improve website authority and search engine ranking. Secondly, platforms such as Facebook, LINE, and Instagram are widely used in Taiwan, and businesses should leverage these channels to engage with their target audience and drive traffic to their website. Lastly, local business directories and review sites, such as 104, OpenRice, and Google Maps, are popular in Taiwan, and businesses should aim to have a presence on these platforms.

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