Free SEO Keyword Research Tools for YouTube Videos

Google Trend for YouTube Videos

If you want to grow your YouTube video view count, then you have to use a free SEO keyword research tool. This means you need to know what keywords the viewers are searching for. By knowing the monthly search volume, one can determine which keyword to target when creating or optimizing existing videos. Below are recommendations for free YouTube SEO keyword research tools.

Google Trends for YouTube- Free SEO Keyword Research Tools for YouTube Videos

Believe it or not, the free Google Trends keyword research SEO tool can provide not only Google search engine keyword data but also YouTube videos as well. It can display the search interest compared to other keywords and topics at the set time frame being analyzed. Follow the image above on how to use Google Trends for YouTube.

2. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool - Free SEO Keyword Research Tools for YouTube Videos

This free YouTube video keyword research SEO tool collects valid keyword search volume data because it is not pulled from Google Keyword Planner. It can also show you global search volume data from 170 countries. One can see the number of clicks or no clicks, different keyword match type ideas, question queries, and more features that can help you organize and filter the data you want to see.


Google Trends can pull more accurate search interest data for respective regions while Ahrefs can see click % and global volume by country.

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