2022 Latest New Google SEO Algorithm Updates

2022 Latest New Google Algorithm SEO Update

8/18/2022 – Latest New Google SEO Algorithm “Helpful Content Update”

Google’s algorithm announced their new latest 2022 “Helpful content update” to help webmasters build out more unique and people-oriented content.

2022 Latest New Google SEO Algorithm Updates - WHSS
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Create People First Content

In 2022, the latest new Google algorithm wants to boost websites that provide viewers positive web experience. Below are a list of features that can help better ensure your content is people first:

  • Useful content for intended traffic
  • Hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge
  • Clear goal or purpose for the audience
  • Enough information to accomplish the goal
  • Positive user experience
  • Core Updates and Product Review Guidelines

Avoid Search Engine First Content

Content that tends to be designed for search engine algorithms tends to provide a poor web experience for human traffic. Below are some of the features that you can stay away from to avoid getting penalized by the latest new Google update in 2022:

  • The goal is to obtain search engine crawler traffic
  • Aimlessly producing a large amount of content hoping one of them will hit the jackpot
  • Using too much automation to produce several content topics
  • Summarizing what everyone else has to say with no additional value
  • Producing trending topic content that does not have relevance to your website
  • People have to search again to find better information from other websites
  • Following a specific word count limit
  • Enter niche topic without experience
  • False promising information that does not have a definite answer


In summary, the “Helpful Content Update” is suggesting webmasters create people-first content and not robot content for the sake of gaining SEO goals.

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