What is SEO’s Meaning/Role in Digital Marketing?

SEO in Digital Marketing

The meaning of SEO (search engine optimization) in digital marketing is to reach potential customers by ensuring search engines can find your website or other web properties in the search results. Its role is to help improve your keyword rankings for your website or web properties in the organic search results. At the same time, using one of the least costly marketing methods to achieve significant search traffic returns.

What is SEO's Meaning/Role in Digital Marketing? - WHSS
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How and Why SEO Role is Important in Digital Marketing

Its role ensures your website or web properties are visible to search engines and searchers so that more search traffic and conversion can come in for your business or services. It can also help with brand awareness by building relationships through content and link partnerships and help establish your authority and trust in your respective expertise industry.

Is SEO Digital Marketing or a Part of It?

It is a part of digital marketing but does not represent it entirely. Other components include paid search, social media, display, content, video, email, mobile, analytics, CRM, e-commerce, affiliate, and more.

How to Use SEO in Digital Marketing?

In SEO, you can utilize search keywords as part of your overall digital marketing strategy to determine what type of content to produce and which target audience. All through the concept of search intent, one can discover what and why people are searching and how we can answer and deliver what they need.


SEO’s role in digital marketing is to help improve your organic search visibility in search results and using keyword data can help support the overall digital marketing strategy.

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