3 Free Google Website On-Page SEO Checker Recommendations

Google SEO Ranking Checker - Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Below are our recommendations for Free Google On-Page SEO Checker (Tester/Analyzer/Scanner) solutions from chrome extensions, websites, and actual SEO tools.

1. Google Chrome Extension

Google Website SEO Checker (Tester/Analyzer/Scanner) - Sitechecker

We recommend Sitechecker (tester/analyzer/scanner) which can analyze technical website on-page issues to help boost keyword rankings, organic traffic, and even sales.

  • Free – no need to create an account or pay subscription fees
  • Fast – it takes only 1 to a few seconds to check any webpages
  • Comprehensive – it sorts all the essential issues by priority into a report

2. Website Analyzer

Google Website SEO Checker (Tester/Analyzer/Scanner) - SEO Review Tools

We recommend SEO Review Tools which built their own free Google SEO Checker tool on their website and is powered by Google Lighthouse Chrome Extension. One can simply type in the URL and see 14 on-page SEO elements into how the website is optimized for Google.

  1. Tap Target sizes
  2. Image Alt Tag
  3. Structured Data
  4. Avoiding Plugins
  5. Blocked Pages
  6. Meta Description
  7. Title Tag
  8. Hreflang
  9. Proper HTTP Response Code
  10. Descriptive Anchor Text Links
  11. Canonical Tag
  12. Robots.txt
  13. Font Size
  14. Viewport Tag Size

3. SEO Tool – Google SEO Ranking Checker

Google Website Site Checker (Tester/Analyzer/Scanner) - Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

We recommend the free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, it can monitor your website’s entire SEO health status. It can identify 100+ on-page issues, and see all your backlinks, keyword rankings, organic traffic, and internal linking recommendations.


For the Chrome Extension SEO checker tool, we recommend Sitechecker because it is fast and easy. For the website SEO checker tool we recommend SEO Review Tools which has the essential checking elements, but for a comprehensive checker tool, we recommend Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

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