How to Check SEO Ranking of Website?

Check SEO Ranking

You will need an SEO tool that allows you to plug in a website URL, and it can pull out all the keywords that the URL is ranking for. Below are some of the tools that can check your keyword positions.

1. Google Search Console

The free Google Search Console SEO tool has a metric called average position which can show you the average keyword ranking position of a keyword for a website URL. You can even filter by:

  • Keywords
  • URLs
  • Countries
  • Devices

2. Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker

This free SEO tool will allow you to plug in any keyword for a website URL for a particular country. It can show you the keyword ranking position and metrics such as:

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic
  • Total Keyword Rankings

3. Ahrefs Rank Tracker

This is the paid version from Ahrefs. It can allow you to insert multiple keywords for different countries and language selections with tags (keyword group labels) to help organize the data. Once it is set up, one can see the following metrics:

  • Visibility – what % of the clicks go to your website
  • Average Position – average keyword positions from 1-100
  • Traffic – estimated monthly organic traffic to the website
  • SERP Features – the amount of different search engine result features that are displayed
  • Positions Movement – shows the number of keywords that have increased or decreased in position
  • Keyword Difficulty – how hard it is to rank in the 1st-page keyword positions based on backlinks data from the top competing websites
  • Tag (Keyword Group) Summaries – see how keyword groups are performing in terms of visibility and keyword movements
  • Grossing Keyword Movements – short-term and long-term changes in keyword rankings
  • Cost Per Click – average price advertisers pay per click
  • Clicks Per Search – the number of different search results get clicked
  • Return Rate – this metric shows how many times the person would search for the same keyword in a 30-day time frame


Google Search Console is incredible for checking keyword positions with simple filters, Ahrefs Rank Checker can provide additional information such as backlinks and estimated traffic, and Ahrefs Rank Tracker has even better features such as to see overall visibility score, keyword group performance summaries, and even unique metrics such as clicks per search and return rates.

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