How to Report SEO on Google Analytics 4?

google analytics 4 seo report

Google Analytics 4’s SEO reports are free to use but can also be very complex and sometimes difficult to set up. Google has already announced that it will be retiring the old Google Universal Analytics and switching to the new Google Analytics 4 by July 1, 2023.

Organic Traffic

You can find the organic SEO traffic data by clicking on the Report Icon on the left menu bar > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition and select Session default channel grouping for the table data chart below

Google Analytics SEO Report - Organic Traffic

Search Engine

Under Google Analytics’ Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition, select Session source/medium for the table data chart below and type in “organic” in the search bar within the SEO report

Google Analytics SEO Report - Search Engine Traffic

Landing Page

Under Engagement > Pages and Screens, click the + sign on the top edit comparison. On the right, a new menu bar pops up, and the dimension should be session source/medium, and dimension values should include any / organic search engines such as Google, Baidu, etc.

Google Analytics SEO Report - Landing Page Traffic


When using Google Analytics 4, one should build SEO reports for organic traffic, search engine traffic, and landing page traffic data.

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