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Global B2B SEO Services - WHSS

Experienced SEO Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including Global B2B services, Sales, Strategy, Market Research, and Management. Strong marketing professional with Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing from New York University.

WHSS (White Hat SEO Services) is a global business-to-business search engine optimization company run by an agency expert for international businesses. We create white hat SEO techniques that make websites rank page 1 on search engines using practices approved by Google.

Build Buyer Persona

Identify your decision makers’ demographics which can be product managers, C-level executives, inventory owners, and more.

Bottom Funnel Keywords

We need to discover the low search volume with high CPC (cost per click) keywords that your decision maker will purchase your products or services.

B2B Sales Funnel Content

Optimize the product and service landing pages to target lower funnel keywords. This content needs to be more tactical, long-form, and strictly focused on the decision-maker audience profiles. You will still need an upper funnel or informational content to help slowly guide your persona to purchase.

International Localized Content

If you are a global company, you will still need to customize and translate your content into local languages. In order to ensure the search engine understands which content is for which country/region and hreflang tag implementation should be applied. You may also need to consider proper global domain URL structure based on local regional preference.

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Global B2B SEO

Global B2B SEO Service Scope of Work

  • We will accept 50% of the initial deposit of the total contract budget and will collect the remaining 50% when the 1st keyword makes it to the 1st page.
  • If the keyword(s) do not rank on the 1st page, we will only take 75% of the total contract budget.
  • Further, we will not limit keyword amount selection; however, we will focus on targeting about 2-5 keyword phrases at the most per page depending on the number of pages we can optimize.
  • The contract term should last for 3 months at the minimum or until the performance is reached.
  • Finally, we do have templates, but we customize our work deliverables based on your needs, so it allows us to have the agility to make necessary changes when needed.
  • We can give a 10% referral fee for successful client closed deals
  • Our white hat SEO service packages start from $50, so click the button below!
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