How to Make Free Sample On-Page SEO Report Format?

How to Make Free Sample On-Page SEO Report Format

Maybe your client or reporting managers/boss are not finding your on-page SEO reports useful. They are not even probably spending the time to review them after you put so much time into them. Here we will help you make a free sample SEO report format to catch their attention and provide valuable insights and recommendations. This way you can obtain more clients and make your senior leaders happy with your output.

Determine Objectives

Define SEO Objective

The most important thing to figure out first is the objective of your free sample on-page SEO report format. The different audiences may want different insights they want to receive from a report. Some of the goals may include the following:

It’s essential to note the focus on too many goals and just a few. Understand that some of the goals can help support other goals so knowing how these goals need to impact one another is the key to building a successful SEO campaign.

Establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Establish SEO KPIs

If you want to convince most people in business, then you must use numbers and data. To avoid being challenged and questioned consistently, use numbers and data because they are absolute as long as accuracy isn’t an issue. Below are some KPIs to consider:

  • Organic Traffic/Clicks
    • Views, New/Returning Visitors, Clicks, Impressions, CTR
  • Engagement/Page Speed
    • Events, Duration, Scroll Depth, Events/Visit
  • Conversion
    • Conversions, Conversion Rate
  • Keyword Ranking
    • Page, Position, Average, Category
  • Technical Issues
    • Indexed Pages, Crawling Errors
  • Backlinks
    • Domain Links, Authority

Layout and Design

Ensure your free sample on-page SEO report format is professional by making it easy to read and follow. Ensure the KPI data are placed logically in correlation to one another so they can easily see the big picture that connects them. Use clear headers on the top and divide them into separate sections for the detailed information at the bottom. The readers should be able to find the information quickly and easily.


SEO Report Recommendation Plan

The next most important part of a free sample on-page SEO report format is the insights and recommendations that you can offer to your report viewers. It’s important to summarize these and prioritize them by the level of effort and significant impact on their KPIs. Make sure the next steps are clear and broken out into multiple steps.

How to Make Free On-Page SEO Report

Before creating your free sample SEO report format, you need to do the following:

  1. Setup Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and the SEO tool that can monitor keyword rankings, technical issues, and backlinks
  2. Create a reporting sample template using PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document

There are 2 ways to build an SEO report and below are the steps to follow:

1. Automatic

Automated SEO Report
  1. Connect the tools’ API to integrate the data
  2. Select the platform (Google Data Studio, Power BI, tools’ dashboards, etc.) to integrate the tool data
  3. Customize the design, KPIs, insights, and recommendations

2. Manual

  1. Figure out which KPIs data are in which tools
  2. Filter the data by using the same time frame you want to measure daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually
  3. Export the data into an excel sheet
  4. Use excel’s function to create visual graphs and charts
  5. Copy and paste the data into the respective reporting medium


To create an on-page SEO report, you need first to determine your objective, establish your KPIs, plan out your layout and design, then decide to generate the report automatically or manually.

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